Our broad technology know-how enables us to leverage our manufacturing capabilities to perform a variety of chemical reactions and syntheses. With close association with our partners, we develop custom or exclusive products to meet their specific needs.  In addition we have several proprietary chemistries available to meet our customer’s requirements.

Plant Chemistries and Capabilities

  • Alkylation
  • Esters (non-ionic softeners, intermediates, etc.)
  • Amides (cationic softeners, super amides, etc.)
  • Phosphate esters (wetters, anti-static agents, etc.)
  • Emulsion, Solution, Water and Solvent based Polymers (coatings, weighters, antimigrants, paints, floor polish)
  • Condensation reactions (surfactants, polyesters)
  • Emulsifications (polyethylenes, silicone softeners)
  • Liquid blends (wetters, adhesives)
  • Volatile stripping  (low alcohol esters)
  • Exothermic neutralizations (phosphate esters, polyacrylic acids)
  • High viscosity dispersions

    Manufacturing Capabilities

    Our manufacturing expertise ranges from basic blends to complex chemical reactions and from small scale to industrial/commercial scale quantities.  Our manufacturing plant, CPJ Technologies, is equipped with a variety of different reactors with inherent flexibility built into them so as to produce high quality products to meet our customers ever evolving needs.

    Our capabilities include:

    • Pilot plant for process development: mini reactors to mimic large scale conditions in drum to tote quantities.
    • Midsize to very large scale reactors/kettles – steel and glass lined
    • Controlled heating and cooling capability - Hot oil, direct steam injection, jacketed and internal coils
    • Polymerization kettles
    • Large chemical storage tanks
    • Dry blending